South Africa attracting 'adventurous' investors

11 October 2007
Investors looking further afield than more traditional overseas property markets are turning to South Africa, according to one expert.

Heath Adamson, sales and marketing director for International Property Solutions, said that the country was on the of the least expensive property markets in the world.

While South Africa offers a variety of attractions, Mr Adamson suggested many investors are looking for somewhere "a bit more exciting" to buy property.

"Our enquiries come from people who have visited the country and generally one visit is normally enough to win people over," he commented.

According to figures published by the South African government's statistics office, the value of recorded building plans rose by 16.3 per cent during the first eight months of 2006, compared with the same period in 2005.

Paul Collins, overseas editor of BuyAssociation, recently said that there were "more extensive" opportunities to make money from property investments overseas than in the UK.

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