Spain still popular with British investors, says expert

09 October 2007
Although the country's property market has experienced uncertainty this year, one expert has suggested that Spain remains a popular destination for British real estate investors.

A spokesperson for Off-Plan International said that most investors are now looking for holiday homes, rather than properties for pure investment purposes.

However, people are still looking to make capital gains, he stated, claiming that many are now choosing to take a long-term view of their investments.

"Rather than people investing and wanting their return back quickly, a lot of people are buying in a more educated way," he remarked.

According to the Association of International Property Professionals, Spain and France were the most popular destinations for British investors buying properties abroad last year.

The association reported that UK investors spent approximately £20 billion on properties overseas in 2006, with the average price paid for a property reaching £98,166.67.

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