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Tenants fight back

20 May 2004
The government is to establish a scheme to crack down on dodgy landlords.

It is predicted that thousands of tenants, each year, lose cash when landlords refuse to return their deposits. One in five say they have been victims of such dodgy-dealing.

The government has announced its commitment to set-up a national tenancy deposit scheme that will redress the current problems faced by many renters.

The Law Society, which has campaigned for some time for such a scheme, said last night it was extremely pleased to see its introduction.

Chief executive, Janet Paraskeva, said: "It means that tenants will now be more certain that they will not be ripped off by rogue landlords."

However, she did urge that the new scheme be "workable, simple and inexpensive for tenants to use", and hoped to have the opportunity to discuss the scheme with ministers.

Ms Paraskeva hopes the scheme will "re-balance the relationship between tenants and landlords", and avoid tenants pursuing landlords through the small claims courts.