Tories plan to help people step onto ladder

05 August 2004
The Conservative Party has released details about their new housing policy, which attempts to help people step onto the property ladder through joint equity schemes.

The party means to offer an extension to the transferable discount scheme, to help people out of social housing and onto the property ladder, it is hoped people will be encouraged to opt for shared equity schemes.

"Under the Conservatives shared ownership would become a practical possibility for those living in social housing," said MP John Hayes.

"Under progressive new proposals that go beyond the Right to Buy - the Right to Own - Conservatives will promote the availability of transferable discounts that enable people to make the transition from social housing to the home of their choice and by moving from social housing into market housing this would free up large numbers of houses for rent."

The Conservatives say they will create a more flexible and responsive housing market and look at ways to help the elderly and disabled living in inappropriate housing by improving access to, as well as information about, adapted homes.

This will hopefully then provide a more fluid housing market where people can access different kinds of homes as their needs change and will break down the barrier between social and market housing.

They also hope to help people to move into market housing more easily, which in turn will free-up social houses for re-letting to families in need.

Additionally, the Tories will be looking to maximise the amount of new development on brown field land.
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