UK properties get more rooms

15 August 2005
British homes are getting smaller rooms but more of them, according to new research.

A five-year UK housing review by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) found a growing trend towards extra rooms like en suite bathrooms.

The average number of bedrooms per property is also increasing despite a rise in single occupancy homes.

"Overall, house sizes have not changed much since the late 80's but market strategy advocates better sales for homes with more bedrooms and bathrooms, even if these are small," said Andrew Thompson, general manager of RICS' building cost information service.

"People today prefer their children to have their own room and more people are working from home which has resulted in a growing trend for additional rooms described as a 'study' or 'home office' in larger homes."

The survey also revealed an increase in the number of three-storey properties and a penchant for loft conversions.

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