Website helps homebuyers research neighbourhoods

07 July 2003
The government has launched a new website to keep homebuyers informed.

The site gives househunters across England and Wales access to information about the areas they are considering living in.

The Office for National Statistics site contains demographic profiles of neighbourhoods, including information on residential districts such as the age, marital status, ethnicity and religion of residents.
The site also contains information on healthcare provision, house prices, crime statistics and the size of the local student population.

The information is based on data from the 2001 census, which has been broken down into 175,000 separate neighbourhoods.

The ONS stresses that confidentiality is guaranteed and points out that in areas with few households, numbers are rounded up to prevent individuals from being identified.

The upgraded Neighbourhood Statistics Service allows Internet users to create a summary statistical profile for an area simply by typing in a postcode or a place name; create and manipulate tables on-line and then turn these into charts, graphs or download data to a variety of formats; use maps to identify and select areas for analysis; and save favourite analyses for later use.

The ONS states that Neighbourhood Statistics will continue to evolve over the coming months, with new and improved features introduced.

Jon McGinty, director of neighbourhood statistics and census outputs at the ONS, said, "The main message here the sheer quantity of data being released.

"A whole range of information not just from the census is available free of charge on the Internet. This is a big public service delivery commitment being made."