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Women choose roof over romance

11 July 2003
Women appear to be more practically minded than romantically minded when it comes to gifts from their partner.

A survey from the Woolwich suggests that contrary to the belief that diamonds are a girl's best friend, most women would rather be given bricks and mortar.

Nearly a third of those interviewed for the study said that buying a house together was the clearest sign of long-term commitment.

Only 13 per cent of women surveyed said that proposing is the ultimate way of men showing that they are ready to commit.

However, many men still believe that getting down on one knee is the best way to prove their commitment and only a quarter opted for a deposit on a house to show they are committed.

Nearly 1,000 adults were questioned for the study, which revealed that men are more traditional than woman.

The Woolwich points out that the amount spent on a ring pales in comparison to the cost of a deposit for a new home in the current booming market.

The amount first-time buyers spend on property deposits has risen from 32 per cent of annual earnings back in 1983 to 102 per cent today.