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Students home insurance a must for freshers

30 July 2008 / by Rebecca Sargent
Millions of students due to get there A level results will be heading off to university this September, but they shouldn't forget to check their home insurance, warns

According to esure's statistics, UK 1.6 million students will be flying the nest this September, each taking with them an average of almost £1,500 worth of goods, making them rich pickings for criminals and making student home insurance invaluable.

Gadgets are top of the list of the desirable objects that students have in abundance, including mobile phones, laptops and cameras. However, designer clothes also add up, as 10 per cent of students take £1,000 worth of clothes with them.

Despite these pricey goods, esure found that 24 per cent of students' parents had failed to consider student contents insurance for their son's or daughter's contents while they are away at university. Surprisingly, one in 10 assume that their children's contents will automatically be covered by their own home insurance, but this is not always the case, which is why esure is urging parents to check.

Because the study found that almost one fifth of students have been a victim of theft, esure offered tips for making student digs less vulnerable such as taking older models of gadgets such as the Play Station 2 rather than the Play Station 3, and keeping the door to a student bedroom locked whenever it is unattended. Thieves can be incredibly stealthy, esure warns, recommending that students never leave valuables in an unattended communal area.

Mike Pickard, head of risk and underwriting at esure home insurance, said: "It is very important that parents make sure they have sufficient contents cover in place to protect their child's belongings – either by checking whether it's included in their current policy or taking out separate insurance.

"Not having suitable insurance in place would hit students hard in the pocket and take a real chunk out of a student loan to replace the type of gadgets and designer gear that entices thieves."

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