AOL Broadband Packages

AOL broadband packages offer customers a range of competitive services such as 8Mbps broadband as well as 10GB usage allowance and a wireless router worth £50. AOL broadband packages start from £9.99 a month for the first six months and £14.99 a month thereafter, however all AOL broadband packages are for an 18 month minimum contract.

AOL broadband packages offer additional features such as:

  • Discount for purchasing online
  • Option to add Talk Evenings and Weekends to your package at no extra cost
  • Free connection and a 24-hour online helpdesk
  • Option to connect multiple computers with home networking support

Compare AOL broadband packages with other providers on the market by using our quick and easy broadband comparison table and then apply online.

ProviderSpeedDownloadsContractMonthly Cost 
Up to 38MbUnlimited18 Months£27 per month for 18 months (includes line rental)More Info >
Unlimited Superfast Broadband £27 a Month For 18 Months (including line rental). £25 set up fee
Up to 17MbUnlimited12 MonthsFrom £5.99 pm (plus £16.99 line rental)More Info >
Unlimited Broadband + Weekend Calls - £5.99 per month with a 12 month contract, saving of 38% over 12 months vs standard price. Add TV Essential for £5 per month – triple price of £13 per month.