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1.41%Reverts to 3.75% after 2 years

Overall Cost for Comparison 3.50% APRC. This is the cost of the mortgage over the full term. Early redemption charges may apply.

Barclays is the world’s 10th largest banking and financial services company with around 48 million customers globally. Through Woolwich, there are a number of different Barclays offset mortgages deals available.

When searching for providers, it is always advisable to compare offset mortgage deals from different banks and building societies in order to find the most competitive offer available.

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Customers may choose between several different types of offset mortgage from Barclays, they categorised as offset tracker mortgages, 2 year offset mortgages, and offset loyalty mortgages (with a current account.


Barclays offset mortgage deals also come with several useful benefits that may be of interest to customers, such as:

  • The opportunity to make overpayments (although charges may apply on full redemption of the mortgage)
  • Customers can link up to 12 eligible Barclays accounts should they wish
  • All offset mortgage accounts come with online banking facilities


A Barclays offset mortgage would perhaps be best suited for customers who can afford to invest their savings on a long term basis. It is important to remember that withdrawing money from an offset mortgage account can often substantially increase the cost of repayments, so customers should take care to manage their finances effectively.


The above mortgage products highlighted on this website are available directly through lenders who will be able to provide further information about the product you are interested in. If you are unsure about what mortgage product is suitable for you, we suggest you speak to an independent mortgage broker