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Boots Insurance

Compare Boots Insurance


Boots the pharmacist has recently moved into the insurance industry, and now offers two medical insurance products - health and dental - as well as travel insurance.


Boots Travel Insurance
There are five different types of cover available in the Boots travel insurance range:

  • City Break: Cover for one trip abroad of up to five days
  • Single Trip: Covers one trip abroad up to 24 days, or up to 45 days by special arrangement
  • Multi Trip: Travel insurance for the whole year - take as many trips as you like, as long as no single trip exceeds 45 days 
  • Gap Year: Cover for up to a year abroad
  • Winter Sports: Cover for winter sports trips - can be taken out as a short break, single trip, as gap year cover or an annual policy   


Boots Health Insurance
With Boots health insurance, through Prudential Health Insurance, your cover gets cheaper the more you look after yourself and the less you claim. With Boots health insurance you benefit from high quality cover for many major illnesses as well as full cancer cover. Other benefits of Boots health insurance include:

  • In-hospital services, outpatient diagnostic tests, radiotherapy and chemotherapy Alternative therapies
  • Cash back if you receive treatment on the NHS
  • Discounted membership to Cannons, LA Fitness or Virgin Active for the first three months and the chance to get free gym membership, depending on how often you go


Boots Dental Insurance
There are so few NHS dentists available; many people have been forced to go private, which can be very pricey. With Boots dental insurance, you can choose from three levels of dental cover:

  • NHS: Repays 100 per cent of NHS dental charges in England and Wales
  • Private 1: Financial support towards the cost of private dental charges
  • Private 2: Higher level of cover for private dentist bills


As well as insurance products, Boots also offers a number of financial services, including currency exchange, airport parking services and Child Trust Funds.