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There are many providers of breakdown cover so it is advisable to shop around before taking out a policy, to get the best deal. You can use our comparison table below to view a selection of providers and click the links to get quotes:

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ProviderOnline DiscountCover FeaturesSpecial Offers 
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* New customers buying any combination of National Recovery, At Home and Onward Travel options with breakdown membership and paying on an annual continuous basis will get an M&S or Gift gift card worth up to £50. To qualify, you’ll need to buy breakdown membership with at least 1 option (National Recovery, At Home and/or Onward Travel). The value of the gift gift card will depend on the number of options added to your cover - £20 gift gift card when adding 1 option, £30 gift gift card when adding 2 options, £50 gift gift card when adding 3 options.

Britannia Rescue

Britannia Rescue is now known as LV = Britannia rescue has a range of levels of cover so you can tailor your policy to fit your needs. Depending on which option you choose your policy may feature:


  • Assistance over a quarter of a mile from your registered address
  • Local recovery up to 10 miles from the vehicle breakdown
  • Home assistance
  • Recovery to anywhere in the United Kingdom
  • Onward travel such as; a hire car, alternative transport or alternative accommodation
  • Europe cover


Choosing a breakdown cover provider

There are a wide range of providers of vehicle breakdown insurance, LV = Britannia Rescue are just one of many, so before you take out a policy it is a good idea to shop around to compare the market to try and find the best deal on a policy that fits your needs.  When deciding which policy is right for you, you may want to consider things such as; Customer rating, average response time, number of vehicles, price and how comprehensive a level of cover is provided. In addition to these factors some breakdown cover providers will grant their members additional benefits such as discounts in various businesses, many providers also offer incentives to entice new members.


Types of cover:

Some providers may give you the option of a vehicle policy or a personal policy:


  • Vehicle cover - With a vehicle breakdown insurance policy you nominate a vehicle to be provided with cover, this mean the vehicle has breakdown cover no matter who is driving it at the time the breakdown occurs, as long as they are legally allowed to do so.


  • Personal cover –A personal cover policy works on an individual basis, basis meaning the policy holder is provided for breakdown cover for any private vehicle, so they would be covered for driving a friend or family member’s vehicle as well as any of their own. Certain restrictions may vary by provider however and some insurers will allow a policy to be taken out for up to four individuals as long as they live within the same household.


Many providers offer cover on different price bands, each offering different features so that customers can tailor their policy to suit their needs, the names and features of the different cover levels vary by issuer however they may include:


  • Roadside assist – usually the most minimal level of cover available, often features a set amount of time of free roadside labour, if the vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside then the insurer will provide a tow to a nearby garage, or other destinations with some policies.


  • Home assist – incidents where a  vehicle breakdown occurs close to the policy holder’s registered home address, or if the car simply doesn’t start when attempting to leave their home, are often not covered by an insurers basic roadside assistance package, individuals who want to be covered for this would therefore need to take out a policy with a home assistance package included.


  • Onward travel – Onward travel can vary considerably by cover provider, but it is generally a package designed to aid a customer in continuing their journey if the vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside, or within a certain time frame at a garage. Features an onward travel package may offer could include the provision of a hire car or other alternative transport for a limited time period, or offering to put the policy holder up in nearby accommodation while repairs are made.