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Broadband Phone

Phone via broadband has become an increasingly popular option over the past few years. Instead of phone calls being made over a traditional landline, they are made over the Internet through a broadband connection. Broadband phone calls are advertised as being far cheaper than their landline equivalents, particularly in the cases of international or other traditionally high-priced calls.

Signing up for a broadband phone service can happen in a number of different ways. Many services are completely free, and allow you to connect to others with the same software without paying a single penny. The paid packages typically allow calls to landlines or provide a number through which landlines can contact you. Call charges are included in some services, while others charge a flat monthly fee.

Previously a broadband phone service required a headset or microphone attached to a computer. However, new standalone phones have gradually become available that emulate traditional landline equipment. Any of the needed technology can be purchased in combination with the providers of broadband phone deals.

Broadband phones can provide significant savings for a wide range of telephone users, particularly those who use the phone heavily or have many contacts overseas. For more information on the broadband phone deals available, click through the links below.