BT Phone

BT, formerly British Telecom, is a leading provider of phone and internet services to businesses and individuals in the UK. Following its transformation from a state monopoly to a public company, it has been able to maintain its position despite fierce competition from other providers. BT phone services are supplied to everyone from homes and flats up to the largest company offices, with a wide range of products and packages on offer.

With its roots in the development of the telecoms industry over many years, BT has expanded its phone services to include other offerings such as broadband and mobile services. BT continually works to provide its customers with the highest levels of service and standards.

A full comparison of BT’s services and products with those of other providers can be found through the links below. The service matches your calling habits and preferences with the deals offered by every company in the UK telecom market, ensuring that the deals listed provide the best value for you.