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No matter if your business is a start up, medium sized or a well established firm, you will need a good business finance package to support its growth. It is important to shop around - most banks and finance companies offer business finance services, so it is up to you to get quotes on not only price but the quality of the business finance services they are offering, making sure they are relevant to your business and helpful to its long term future.


You should generally expect to see the following services from a business finance provider:


  • Factoring: By paying up to 90% of your invoice value up front rather than waiting for the customer to actually pay, your business finance provider allows you more flexibility.
  • Asset Finance: Allowing you to make the most of your business's assets, and using their value to refinance, fund growth or support a management buy out or buy in.
  • Invoice Discounting: Similar to factoring, but allows you business to secure funding, up to 90%, against debtors, stock, plant and machinery and property.
  • Business support: A good business finance provider should provide you with a personal business manager who knows the local area, to help you plan the future of your business and to offer help and advice when you need it.