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Car Insurance for Drivers with Convictions

Get a better Car Insurance Deal!

If you are a driver with previous convictions car insurance can be expensive to obtain. Whether you have road traffic accident convictions (RTA) or non road traffic accident convictions (non RTA) use our quote services below to see if you can drive down the cost of motoring. drink driving ( DR10) convictions also considered.

Car Insurance - With Points and Previous Convictions
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Save up to 35% on your Convicted Driver Insurance* - For Car Insurance With Points (3 Points or More), Road Traffic Accident Convictions (RTA) and Non RTA offences, Drink Driving Convictions (DR10), Ex Offenders, fill in one simple form and QuoteSearcher does the hard work for you - then you can choose from a range of quotes to find the right deal for you.Get Quotes >

*Quotesearcher - Based on an internal audit 70% of consumers saved up to 35% on their current premium after receiving a quote from QuoteSearchers partners. Your own savings are dependent on your own individual circumstances.

Finding the right car insurance can be difficult when you have driving or other convictions or a poor claims history. You could easily end up paying high premiums if you have points on your driving licence. Fortunately there are some companies that do specialize in offering car insurance to drivers with convictions and they could help you to find a better deal.

You can pretty much guarantee that car insurance for drivers with previous convictions or claims history will cost more across the board, but there are some things you could do to help keep costs down:

  • Buying your insurance online could help you to save money. Many companies offer discounts to customers who take out a car insurance policy through their websites.
  • Look carefully at the level of excess. if you are able to pay a higher amount of voluntary excess on your car insurance, you may find that your premiums are reduced
  • If possible, lower your annual mileage.  Insurers will see that the less time you spend driving your car, the less likely you are to have an accident.
  • Make sure your car is secure. Install locks and security devices and keep it in a garage or somewhere safe when not in use.
  • If you have been convicted of a driving related crime, you may also want to consider any courses you can take to improve your driving skills e.g. speeding awareness programme.

It helps to compare the market when searching for car insurance for drivers with convictions. Policies can vary regarding cover and price, so it pays to look at a few different quotes.