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Cheapest Broadband Providers

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As many broadband companies offer a range of packages at different prices, the cheapest broadband providers can be hard to distinguish from the mass.  While some cheap broadband packages may seem alluring, they may provide only the very bare necessities for internet access, stripped of benefits such as quality customer service that other packages offer.

Some cheap deals are made possible by bundling the service together with another that is offered by the provider, such as telephone call plans.  Careful reading of the details is important to successfully finding the cheapest broadband provider. Features can include:

  • Reasonable prices for monthly broadband, with clearly defined bandwidth limits.  Download speeds are unlikely to be high but they should be functional.
  • Basic security and reliability.
  • Free customer service.

The links and comparison tools on this site are free to access. They will take you to guides, reviews and an excellent price comparison service covering leading brands on the UK market.

ProviderSpeedDownloadsContractMonthly Cost 
Up to 38MbUnlimited18 Months£27 per month for 18 months (includes line rental)More Info >
Unlimited Superfast Broadband £27 a Month For 18 Months (including line rental). £25 set up fee
Up to 17MbUnlimited12 MonthsFrom £24.99 pm (plus £9.99 set up fee)More Info >
Unlimited Broadband + Weekend Calls - £24.99 per month with a 12 month contract. 1000 GB Cloud. £40 BT Reward Card