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Compare Broadband ISPs

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Making the effort to compare broadband ISPs is an important exercise before deciding on a final provider. It is worth putting the same effort into finding a good broadband ISP as finding a gas, water or electricity supplier. Broadband has become an important utility in the UK, and there are usually at least two or more competing broadband ISPs in most towns and cities in the UK.

A broadband ISP can be judged on their products, reliability and customer service. While comparing the differences between broadband products can be difficult on occasion, we provide a “Compare Broadband Packages” section that breaks down the features you should be looking for.

Finding an ISP with good reliability and customer service can save tens of hours lost due to poor connections or waiting on the end of a phone. A reliable connection is one of the most important factors when choosing a good provider, as it doesn’t matter how fast or cheap a connection is if it doesn’t work most of the time.

Finding information on the reliability and customer service of ISPs is a task that requires research. There are a number of methods of finding our information on these areas of an ISP’s service, both from their website or pamphlets in the form of statistics or customer testimonials, and from third party websites set up specifically for this purpose. Many providers have developed solid reputations in both areas, either for exceptional or poor service, and this can be gleaned through a variety of sources.

Guides and information on the wider broadband market are linked on the left of this page. There is also a link to information on the major UK broadband suppliers and their deals at the bottom of the page.  The service compares benefits and prices which are changing all the time.

ProviderSpeedDownloadsContractMonthly Cost 
Up to 38MbUnlimited18 Months£27 per month for 18 months (includes line rental)More Info >
Unlimited Superfast Broadband £27 a Month For 18 Months (including line rental). £25 set up fee
Up to 17MbUnlimited12 MonthsFrom £24.99 pm (plus £9.99 set up fee)More Info >
Unlimited Broadband + Weekend Calls - £24.99 per month with a 12 month contract. 1000 GB Cloud. £40 BT Reward Card