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Use our free service to find the best tradesman insurance for your business, whatever your trade - see the table below to get quotes and apply online:

Compare Tradesman & Contractor Insurance Quotes
ProviderPublic LiabilityEmployer LiabilityAdditional BenefitsApply
Up to £10mUp to £10mFill in one simple form to compare quotes from a wide range of providers to find the right Tradesman Insurance deal for you.Get Quotes >
Up to £10mUp to £10mPRICE GUARANTEE - Direct Line will guarantee to beat any quote for the same cover - Tradesmen Employer and Public Liability Insurance Quotes - Covers Tradesmen & Small Businesses such as mobile hairdressers, cleaners, home tutors who work on customers premises - Tool cover available - - If you find a better Quote Direct Line will beat it*Get Quotes >


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