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Courier Van Insurance

Compare Courier Van Insurance Quotes

Businesses which require courier van insurance are encouraged to compare products from a number of different companies before deciding on a purchase, as cover and prices vary significantly. To find the best courier van insurance for your business at the best prices, use our free online comparison table below:

Courier Van Insurance - Compare Quotes
ProviderPublic LiabilityEmployer LiabilityGoods in TransitAdditional BenefitsApply
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Buying Courier Van Insurance

If you use your van to transport goods from one location to another, it is likely that you will require courier insurance. Because couriers are often out and about on the road more frequently than other van drivers, they are exposed to extra risks – and of course, many couriers are in charge of transporting high value goods or packages for clients, and this level of responsibility may requires an extra level of insurance. Couriers often transport valuable packages for their clients, and tend to spend significantly more time on the road than your average driver. This means they are exposed to more risks, which standard insurance policies may not cover.

What is covered by courier van insurance?

Things covered by a good quality courier van insurance policy could include:

  • Cover for the goods carried in your courier van
  • 24 hour courier van accident recovery
  • Medical expenses for injury caused in an accident
  • New for old cover on courier vans less than 12 months old
  • Courier van breakdown cover
  • Windscreen repair or replacement
  • Legal expenses cover

Types of courier insurance

Policy options for your courier van insurance include:

  • Third party only insurance – this is the minimum level of vehicle insurance required by law in the UK and covers damage to property or injury to others caused by your vehicle. However, it doesn’t cover damage to your own vehicle.
  • Third party fire and theft – this type of insurance covers the same things as third party only insurance, with the addition of cover for damage to your vehicle by fire or the loss of your vehicle through theft.
  • Comprehensive insurance – this type of insurance will cover you for the same eventualities as third party fire and theft, plus loss or damage to your vehicle, personal effects cover, windscreen damage, accidental damage, and even medical expenses.
  • Telematics insurance – this type of insurance involves installing a ‘black box’ in your vehicle that tracks how you drive, meaning that you could receive cheaper premiums for showing safe driving behaviours.

In the table above you can compare some of the latest courier van insurance deals on the market and apply online.