Critical illness insurance provides the policyholder with a financial payment in the event that they are diagnosed as suffering from a condition that will have significant and disruptive effects on their life. It can be part of a combined ‘critical and life cover’ policy, or be purchased as a standalone policy.
The main advantage of critical illness cover is the security and stability it can offer to someone if they are struck down with a serious illness. This time of great personal struggle can leave a person unable to work or even to participate fully in the community.
Combining the two types of cover into one critical and life cover policy also has a number of potential advantages. The amount and extent of cover can be chosen by the consumer, as can whether this cover is for a limited time period and remains static, or changes over that period.

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If a consumer is comparing life insurance quotes they will most likely notice that a combined critical and life cover policy will lead to higher premiums. Whether this extra cost is mitigated by the extra cover received is of course a matter for individual consumers.
It is also worth noting that critical illness insurance will only cover a person for a list of pre-determined illnesses and conditions, which is agreed before the deal is finalised. If the policyholder should suffer from an illness that is not included, they will not be eligible for a payment.
Many companies offer combined critical life insurance but the terms and costs tend to vary quite a lot.