Expat Medical Insurance

American Express has over 150 years of experience and a global network helping to serve the needs of customers in all parts of the World. That's why they've teamed up with Goodhealth - one of the UK's leading providers of expat medical insurance - to create a unique range of International Healthcare products, especially with the needs of expatriates in mind. Goodhealth has been a specialist provider of international medical insurance to expats for 25 years. 

Why choose Goodhealth?

  • Comprehensive - They provide complete and flexible healthcare solutions to cover you in almost every eventuality.
  • Powerful – They are one of the largest UK based international insurers and are part of the Primary Group which manages premiums in excess of $US 1.2 billion each year.
  • Local - Goodhealth maintain a unique network of regional offices worldwide in London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Miami and Jakarta. This ensures they have an in-depth knowledge of local healthcare facilities and that claims are settled quickly, efficiently and locally.