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If you are looking for free sims you have come to the right place - you can get a number of free sims through us, including T-mobile and O2.

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Best Free SIM Card Deals
NetworkCost per monthDataCallsTextsAdditional BenefitsApply
  150 UK minutes and 250MB of UK data for £10Unlimited UK texts

Freedom Freebee - Unlimited UK texts, 150 minutes and 250 MB of UK data for £10

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  200 minutes2000

Get 1GB of data, 200 mins and 2000 texts for just £15 a month on 4G

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Many of the major phone companies now offer free sims, usually on a pay as you go basis, to allow people an easy way onto a mobile phone network. People looking for free sims are usually either new users, or people wishing to switch out of a contract and onto a pay as you go – either because they use their phone less, or want to be able to budget their call costs tightly.

Currently available deals on Free SIMs include:

New mobile phone handsets – either pay as you go or contract - also come with free sims. Some companies who don’t offer free sims still sell sims without phones at very low costs in order to try and get people onto their networks. The rewards to the customer for joining often include:

  • Free texts and call time each moth
  • Cheap rates on certain numbers
  • Inclusive web browsing each month

Click on the links below to apply for free sims from O2 and T-Mobile, or compare the entire mobile phone and network market to find the best deal for you!