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Free Vodafone SIM Cards

Apply for FREE Vodafone SIM cards!

You could get free Vodafone sim cards through our mobile phone service. Compare all deals available, including free Vodaphone sims on pay monthly contracts and pay as you go:

Or, for a quick comparison of free sim cards from other leading mobile phone companies, see the table below:

Best Free SIM Card Deals
NetworkCost per monthDataCallsTextsAdditional BenefitsApply
£16 for exisiting customers / £21 for new customers15GBUnlimited minutes and 15GB of data, unlimited BT Wi-FIUnlimited textsFREE Extra speed add on. Plus unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 15GB date from just £16 per monthApply Now >
£8 for exisiting customers / £13 for new customers2GB500 minutes and 2GB of data, unlimited BT Wi-FIUnlimited texts500 minutes, unlimited texts, and 2GB date from just £8 per monthApply Now >
  150 UK minutes and 250MB of UK data for £10Unlimited UK texts

Freedom Freebee - Unlimited UK texts, 150 minutes and 250 MB of UK data for £10

Apply Now >
  200 minutes2000

Get 1GB of data, 200 mins and 2000 texts for just £15 a month on 4G

Apply Now >

With a pay as you talk sim card pack from Vodafone, you pay a low fee and will receive:

  • A sim card with memory for messages and contacts
  • Free call time
  • Free calls and texts when you top up

If you don’t use your phone very often or like to keep a tight budget on your call spending, then a pay as you talk phone is probably the most suitable. But if you do need to make a lot of calls, it is worth looking into the different contracts on the market before deciding.

For a whole market comparison and to learn more about free Vodafone sim cards, click on the link below: