Compare Gladiator Van Insurance Deals

Compare Gladiator Van Insurance Deals

Gladiator Van Insurance is available as part of a range of different insurance options from Gladiator. Gladiator is a part of the Admiral Group, and has been offering van insurance ever since it was established in 1998. It has since built up a base of loyal customers, and aims to provide competitive van insurance for the UK market. Gladiator works with several of the largest vehicle insurers in the country, including with specialist insurers in a number of different areas. Use the table below to compare a range of van insurance deals available now:

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For short term quotes for van insurance for 1 to 28 days see below for quotes:

Temporary Van Insurance
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What kind of van insurance is available through Gladiator?

Policy options for your van insurance include Third party only insurance – this is the minimum level of vehicle insurance required by law in the UK and covers damage to property or injury to others caused by your vehicle (but not damage to your own vehicle); Third party fire and theft – this type of insurance covers the same things as third party only insurance, with the addition of cover for damage to your vehicle by fire or the loss of your vehicle through theft; or Comprehensive insurance – this type of insurance will cover you for the same eventualities as third party fire and theft, plus loss or damage to your vehicle, personal effects cover, windscreen damage, accidental damage, and even medical expenses.

What does Gladiator van insurance cover?

Things covered by a Gladiator van insurance policy could include:

  • 24 hour van accident recovery
  • Medical expenses for injury caused in an accident
  • Cover for a variety of van usage including carriage of own goods, carriage of goods for hire or reward, and haulage
  • New for old cover on vans less than 12 months old
  • Van Breakdown cover
  • Cover for item carried in the van such as tools or goods
  • Van windscreen repair or replacement
  • Courtesy vans are often available in the event of an accident, providing that the van has not been written off
  • Legal expenses cover 

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