Halifax Business Banking

Halifax business banking is managed by Bank of Scotland, (together they are known as HBOS), offering a wide range of financial services for business of all sizes. Halifax business banking offers the following:

  • Current Accounts: Competitive interest rate, can be managed on the internet and includes payment processing systems i.e. BACS
  • Deposit Accounts: Flexible and fixed/30 day notice accounts available
  • Commercial Cards: A deferred credit card allowing you to keep an eye on employees expenditure
  • Insurance: Commercial insurance to protect your business and its premises and travel insurance to cover business trips.

Halifax business banking helps you to start, finance and manage your business, offering:

  • Cash flow and finance products
  • HR and payroll solutions
  • Pensions services
  • Help and advice from specialist business advisers.

Compare a number of accounts and see if Halifax Business Banking can offer you the banking solutions you need for your business.  

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