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1.41%Reverts to 3.75% after 2 years

Overall Cost for Comparison 3.50% APRC. This is the cost of the mortgage over the full term. Early redemption charges may apply.

Offset mortgages are generally intended for people who can afford to commit a significant amount of their savings to their mortgage repayments. These savings are then used to reduce the cost of the customer’s interest repayments during the course of their mortgage.


Unfortunately, A Halifax offset mortgages deal is not currently available, but they do offer a wide variety of other financial products for different customers. Such as for:

  • First time buyers
  • Those looking to remortgage
  • Those looking to buy-to-let
  • Existing customers


As a Halifax offset mortgage is not available, customers are advised to shop around for comparisons on mortgage offers from different providers. Comparing the market in this way is often the best way of finding the most competitive results, for information, please see the mortgage comparisons table below:

About you
Your income
Partner income
Income = £65,000
This calculates your maximum loan
Your property
Property value
Your deposit
Borrow = £125,000
Your loan to value (LTV) = 56%
Your mortgage
Mortgage Type
Payment Method
Payment Term

No mortgages were found which match these requirements. Please use the search form above to find mortgages which suit your precise requirements.

When a current or savings account is linked to an offset mortgage, the interest that is generated by that account is used to reduce the cost of repayments. However, it should be remembered that most providers will not allow customers to access money in an account that is linked to the mortgage.


If this money is accessible, it is generally accepted that any withdrawals may substantially increase the cost of the interest rates on the mortgage.


Halifax has been in business for around 150 years and have a great deal of experience in selling financial products and services, whether you are a first time buyer or looking to remortgage your property. Halifax claims to:

  • Offer a wide range of mortgage deals
  • Offer flexibility in most mortgage deals
  • Provide professional financial assistance in their local branches


The above mortgage products highlighted on this website are available directly through lenders who will be able to provide further information about the product you are interested in. If you are unsure about what mortgage product is suitable for you, we suggest you speak to an independent mortgage broker