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Income Protection Insurance Comparison

If you are unable to work due to an accident, sickness, unemployment, or disability and your income has stopped, you may benefit from income protection insurance. The aim of income protection insurance is to provide you with financial support to cover your loss of earnings should you be unable to work for a number of reasons.

Given that there are so many insurance companies on the market, each with their own varying policies, covers and premiums, you could benefit from comparing income insurance quotes. Examining a multitude of income protection insurance quotes may help you to find a policy that is reasonable in price and covers you effectively.

Use the table below to help you find income protection insurance that offers you the right cover for a great price. 

Short Term Income Protection - Online Quotes
ProviderType of InsuranceMaximum CoverSpecial FeaturesGet Quotes
Short Term Income Protection InsuranceUp to £2,500 per month or 65% of Gross Salary (whichever is lower)Price Beat Guarantee - Widest Cover - Online QuotesGet Quotes >

Searching for income protection on comparison sites is a simple and effective way of generating numerous quotes in one manageable place on the web. Many sites provide comparison tables which make reading of policy information and individual offers a less arduous task.

You should be aware that although some deals are considered to be the cheapest and most attractive, they may not always be the best. Research each policy carefully to ensure that you receive the personal cover you need and the amount of excess you will be asked to pay.

The initial product that you are offered and the premium payments are subject to change depending on certain factors as:


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Medical history
  • And other personal circumstances

On the whole, comparing income insurance quotes is an effective way of sourcing some of the deals that are on the market today.

Long Term Income Protection - Quote Service
Quote ServicesLife Insurance QuotesCritical Illness Insurance QuotesIncome Protection QuotesFamily Income Benefit QuotesGet Quotes
YesYesYesYesMore Info >
  • Long Term Income Insurance Quotes
  • Fill in one simple form and an expert will call you back
  • No obligation quote service
  • Get the right cover for your needs

Case Study

Mr and Mrs Rodd from Cornwall, who both frequently take part in extreme sports such as bungee jumping, were worried that they would not find an income protection insurance policy that provided the adequate cover they needed. Whilst browsing one of the leading comparison sites they came across a great deal that saved them more money than they thought they would.