Redundancy Insurance Quote

Getting insurance against redundancy could mean the difference between being able to pay your mortgage or having your home repossessed – if you were to suddenly lose your job, would you be able to keep up with the mortgage and other household expenses? With statutory jobseekers allowance being paid out at £65.45 per week and while there might be some additional benefits such as Child Tax Credit, Council Tax Benefit and Child Benefit available this will hardly keep the wolf from the door if you have a mortgage and other expenses to cover.

Unemployment insurance will give protection in case of redundancy or other involuntary unemployment, as well as having to quit your job to become a full time carer for a member of your immediate family

The question you need to ask yourself is who will cover the financial gap if you are made redundant. You can get a quote for insurance against redundancy to see how much it could cost to safeguard a proportion of your family's finances against redundancy – get a redundancy insurance quote below: 

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ProviderType of InsuranceMaximum CoverSpecial FeaturesGet Quotes
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Insurance against redundancy can cover the a percentage of the cost of various household expenses, such as:

  • Mortgage payments
  • Rent
  • Household bills
  • Credit card and loan payments

You can also protect your income against other things, as well as redundancy, such as sickness or accident which render you unable to work (as certified by a doctor).

It takes seconds to get a quote for insurance against redundancy, just use the table above.