Insuring More Than One Car

Save time and money with multiple car insurance!

With an ever increasing number of families purchasing a second car in order to meet their travel requirements, more and more people are asking about insuring more then one car. 


Multi car insurance policies allow families and individuals insuring more then one car to tie them together in a single policy.
The cost of having separate car insurance to two or three separate vehicles is always going to be high so it is important browse car insurance quotes before settling on a policy. Insuring more then one car with the same policy can be a great way of keeping those costs down. This can come as a welcome relief in a world of rising petrol prices.

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Multi car insurance ensures that all the benefits that can be accumulated through a single car policy are maintained, just with the number of actual vehicles being different. There is still the choice between simple third party cover and fully comprehensive cover and the choice of voluntarily paying more excess to lower premiums.


One issue that people find important to clarify when it comes to insuring more then one car is what happens to persons no claims discount. The answer to that question is that most companies will offer matching no claims discounts on all the vehicles insured.


Another question involving no claims discounts is whether or not the discount of joint policyholders will be affected of one of them makes a claim involving one of the named cars. The answer here is that while individual companies differ in their policies, most of the time only the individual driver making the claim will be affected.
The best way to get a variety of specific car insurance quotes is to use one or more of the price comparison websites, although it should be noted that some major insurance companies are not included on these sites.