Kwik Fit Breakdown Cover

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Not only is finding yourself stuck on the side of the road due to a  vehicle breakdown an unpleasant but it can also prove costly, having breakdown in cover in place however can help get you moving again in a cost effective way. You can check out our comparison table below to see a selection of breakdown cover plans click the links to get quotes:

Compare Breakdown Cover Deals
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Kwik Fit breakdown cover features

  • Choose from four levels of cover to suit your needs and budget
  • 24-hour UK cover 365 days a year
  • Over 5,000 trained mechanics
  • Average response time of 39 minutes
  • Up to 6 callouts a year
  • Personal cover options


Kwik Fit breakdown cover has a several different levels of cover at different price ranges so you can select the level of cover that best fits your specific needs.


Levels of Kwik fit Cover



The Kwik Fit Roadside package is their base level of cover, it will offer you up to an hour of labour at the roadside, and if your vehicle cannot be repaired you will be recovered to a nearby garage. Kwik Fit also offers a message service to notify friends or family what has happened.  


Roadside Plus

With Roadside Plus you get all of the benefits of the standard package but also have the option of being taken to your intended destination.


Full UK Recovery

Full UK Recovery gives you all of the features of Roadside Plus as well as home assistance so you will be covered if your vehicle won’t start when leaving your home or if you break down within one mile of your registered home address.


Full UK & European Recovery

The Full UK & European Recovery package gives you cover for up to 60 days of driving elsewhere in Europe in addition to what is offered in the Full UK Recovery package.


When looking for breakdown cover

There are wide variety of breakdown cover providers on the market so it wise to thoroughly shop around before you take out a policy, in order to try and find the plan which fits your requirements best. Some policy providers may offer you the choice between a personal and vehicle policy.


  • Personal Cover – Personal breakdown cover policy work by granting a nominated individual breakdown cover, this means that they will be covered for vehicle breakdowns for any car that they are driving (some providers may put restrictions on certain types or age of vehicle). Some providers permit household policies which mean that up to four individuals, who live at the same address can get personal cover under the same policy.


  • Vehicle Cover – Vehicle polices tend to be a cheaper option, they work by nominating a specific vehicle for breakdown cover. This means if the vehicle does breakdown then they will be covered no matter who is driving it.