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Landlines remain an essential service for households and businesses across the UK. Despite facing increasing competition from the mobile and broadband phone markets, the landline’s cost, reliability and ease-of-use means there is still some distance to go if it is to be removed as the leading method of telephone communications in the UK.

Increased competition and deregulation in the landline market over the past two decades has also lead to a greatly improved situation for customers. Numerous deals and packages are available, covering both combined services from other areas and products that suit certain call habits. Examples include: 

  • Landline phone service combined with broadband, digital TV, satellite TV or mobile phones.
  • Reduced or free call charges for local, national or international phone calls.
  • Free voice mail for call answering and message storing.
  • Special services for businesses, and reduced call packages for certain numbers or regions

With many different companies now involved in landline provision, it makes sense to shop around for the best deal. As part of this, we offer a free online comparison service to find out if there is a better deal available. It compares your call habits and circumstances with the phone packages available from all the leading UK landline providers. This makes sure the products shown are right for you personally, rather than being based on the ever-mysterious “average customer”.

Further information and a review of each UK landline provider can be found at the bottom of this page. With each aiming to offer a service with its own advantages, it is well worth shopping around to see if you could save money through a cheaper landline provider.