Lloyds Interest Rates

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Lloyds interest rates vary depending on the kind of Lloyds account that you are looking at investing in and on the current base rate of interest set by the Bank of England. When looking at Lloyds interest rates, be sure consider the following:

  • Lloyds interest rates are applied to your money from the day a cheque is paid in to your account, to the day it leaves. So you can start earning interest as soon as you get a cheque and keep earning on money that you have paid out during the time it takes for that money to get to where it needs to be.
  • Fixed rate accounts may have appealing and high interest rates, which will remain constant over a fixed term, after which they will revert to a tracker rate.
  • Tracker rate accounts change in accordance with the base interest rate’s fluctuations, so that you benefit from interest rate rises.

See the table below for the latest offering from Lloyds and click on the links for more information on the Lloyds TSB international savings account:

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