Medisure Medical Insurance

Medical insurance for companies...

Medisure medical insurance is specifically designed for employees and offers self-funded healthcare management to large organisations, insurers and the self-insured. Self-funding means an organisation administers its own healthcare protection service, instead of going through a commercial provider, in order to save money on medical insurance premiums.

Advantages of self-funding your medical insurance include:

  • No Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)
  • Reduction or elimination of other tax or insurance related costs
  • Cash flow advantages
  • Flexibility, customisation of benefits and cost containment
  • No hidden insurance or commission charges
  • Quick transfer from existing programme

Bear in mind that if you are a self-funded company, you may still need to get outside insurance to cover claims over a certain threshold and set limits as to what you, the employer, is liable for. Self-funding is a risk, because it could end up costing you more in claims that it would have in insurance premiums, so beware the potential disadvantages. To compare Medisure medical insurance with self-funded programmes from other companies, use our no obligation enquiry form and an independent adviser will compare quotes from leading UK insurers to find ther right one for your company.