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Monthly interest savings accounts differ from many other types of savings account in that the interest payments for this type of account may be paid on a much more regular basis. If you are searching for a suitable savings account that has interest paid monthly, it is well worth shopping around using savings account comparisons like ours to find a good deal. See below for our selection of the latest savings deals on offer:

Savings Maximiser
ProviderAccountFeaturesIndicative Rate* (AER)Latest RatesApply
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  • Savings service - *Indicative rate of interest highlighted
  • Competitive interest rates from leading UK banks and building societies
  • All money held in your name
  • Online Access
  • £25k minimum deposit
  • Service fee of £20 per month

* The indicative rate is not a guaranteed rate and reflects what we might achieve when we deposit your money in the Savings Maximiser service based on prevailing interest rates as at 02/10/2015. The indicative rate is based on an average rate across two UK bank accounts. The rate you achieve will be determined by the amount you deposit.

Monthly Interest Savings Accounts Deals
ProviderAccountInterest Rate (AER)TermApply
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  • Monthly and Annual Interest Options 
  • Access – online, telephone and post
  • Covered by the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme)
  • Minimum deposit £1,000
  • Variable interest rate


It is worth remembering a monthly interest savings account may not strictly be offered by many providers, as ‘monthly interest’ is more of an option that may be selected alongside a particular type of savings account deal.

Some examples of accounts that may have a monthly interest option are:


  • Fixed interest rate savings accounts
  • ISA savings accounts
  • Instant Access savings accounts
  • Notice savings accounts

Receiving interest on a monthly basis instead of annually can be useful for many people.  Some customers, such as retirees for example who may have a significant amount of money saved, use this money as another source of income.

Depending on the type of monthly interest account that is selected, there may be several restrictions to be considered. If a notice savings account is selected for example, the customer may be subjected to a potentially lengthy waiting period before any money can be withdrawn without incurring a penalty.

If you have any doubts regarding a particular savings account offer, it is also important to check the terms and conditions of the proposed agreement before you apply.

Finding the right savings account deal for you will always be a matter of shopping around, and we have designed the comparison tables on this page to make it easy to do just that.

Monthly interest savings accounts come in all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Fixed rate savings accounts - Offering the security of a guaranteed interest rate
  • Regular savings accounts - Watch your money grow quickly
  • Instant access savings accounts - Access your cash when you need it

You can compare deals using the tables above to see if there's a monthly interest savings account to suit your needs and apply today.