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Motorbike Insurance For Couriers

Compare Motorbike Insurance Quotes For Couriers
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How to buy motorbike courier insurance

If you work as a courier, it can often be hard to find suitable motorbike insurance at a reasonable price. It's recommended that you shop around and compare as many different motorbike insurance quotes as possible in order to find a competitive offer. Certain insurance providers may extend your existing motorbike insurance - particularly if you already hold a fully comprehensive policy - to cover the bike’s usage as part of a courier service. There are also specialised insurance policies available that are specifically designed to meet the needs of a motorbike courier. If you want to try and bring down the cost of your courier motorbike insurance, you could consider the following factors:


  • Choosing a less powerful bike without modifications will usually make insurance cheaper.
  • Motorbike insurance is much cheaper if you are a safe and law-abiding rider, so avoiding points or insurance claims against you will keep the cost of premiums down.
  • Making sure that your bike is safe and secure will tend to make your insurance cheaper. You may wish to consider locking your motorbike in a garage or ensuring that your locks or immobilisers are approved by an insurer-recognised company.
  • Passing an accredited training course could not only improve your confidence as a motorcyclist, but also result in lower premiums on your motorbike insurance.
  • Paying a higher excess per claim will also usually reduce the cost of your motorbike insurance.


To assist you with your search for motorbike insurance as a courier, use the bike courier insurance comparison table above to find some of the latest deals: