Multi Car Insurance for 2 Cars

Get a Discount when you insure more than one car!

It is becoming more and more common for families to run more then one car. In economically challenging times keeping a tight reign on expenditure is becoming more of a priority - many insurers are reflecting this by offering combined or multi car insurance policies for 2 cars or more.

The key benefits of multi car insurance expounded by insurers are that it reduces premiums and paperwork for consumers. Multi car insurance for 2 cars or more functions in the same way that any bulk purchase does; the amount being bough reduces the individual cost of each product.

There are of course fundamental similarities between the various multi car insurance for 2 cars offers that are out there, but there are also subtle differences that need to be considered before a person takes the plunge.

The main variances between policies that we would like to make consumers aware of are:

  1. It seems strange but some policies do not insure every named driver on every named vehicle, which can cause problems for businesses or families where both parents and children regularly use the same vehicles
  2. Some policies also differ with regards to no claims discounts. The general rule is that only the driver who makes a claim will have their discount affected, but this is by means an industry standard
  3. Policies also differ on what happens of you decide to change your vehicle while the multi car insurance for your 2 cars or more is still active

We aim to provide an easy starting point for customers looking to obtain a number of car insurance quotes - see our tables below:

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In addition to approaching individual specialist providers for quotes you may also wish to get quotes from a car insurance price comparison provider:

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