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No matter how you try to get around it, new drivers will be expected to pay higher premiums for their car insurance. It may seem unfair but statistics prove that new and younger drivers are involved in more road accidents, are more likely to crash and therefore more likely to claim on their insurance. This is simply down to their lack of experience, and cannot really be avoided.

Parents may want to consider multi car insurance. For younger drivers this can be an effective way to begin the driving process. However, for a parent to add a new girl driver the costs can be pretty expensive. To add a young boy, the costs can be even more exhorbitant.

There are also many companies that do not offer a no claims bonus reward on some cars with multi car insurance. For new drivers, building up a no claims discount can be very important as it means in the future you will receive money off car insurance.
Multi car insurance for new drivers may not always be the most sensible, cost effective path; however there are a few things you can do to make sure the prices do not sky-rocket:

  • Choose a car that is sensible in terms of engine size and model. Insurance premiums on flashy ‘boy racer’ cars are likely to be very high.
  • Make sure the car is fitted with security devices or that it can be kept in a garage when not in use.
  • Taking the ‘pass plus’ course can decrease multi car insurance for new drivers by a fair amount.
  • Shop around compare prices and suitability.
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