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Various insurers now offer multi car insurance for drivers with more than one car as a way of helping them save money.
Multi car insurance for one driver with two cars can be cheaper because there is only one insurance policy. The policy is on one person’s name, however it covers all cars (typically up to 5). It is beneficial economically as the policy is in one name so it can be cheaper and simpler, making it advantageous to individuals who are looking to insure more than one car.
Multi car insurance for one driver with two cars can be time efficient. For one, both car details will be easier to manage when they are on the same premium, policy and renewal date.
Most insurers offer a discount on multi car insurance for one driver with two cars if you are already an existing customer. By adding a second or subsequent car, you may find that you are saving yourself money when you add those cars to your previous insurance policy. 
It is important to read the policy wording carefully and to read the fine print of the ‘terms and conditions’ section as you could find that some specific circumstances are not covered by the insurance. Look at a few different companies to compare prices and extras.
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