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Multi Car Insurance In Northern Ireland

Insuring 2 Cars or More - Get a better Deal!

Government reports have shown that uninsured driving in Northern Ireland is on the rise. This is perhaps why some UK insurance companies do not include multi car insurance for Northern Ireland. 

Many insurers are happy to offer multi car insurance to Northern Ireland drivers and with the same benefits as that of England, Wales, Scotland and the Channel Islands. Some companies request that their Northern Irish customers are over the age of 22 to get cover.

What is known is that multi car insurance premiums are higher in Northern Ireland but there are a few things you can do you make sure they are kept to a minimum. For example, make sure both or more vehicles are secured and protected as much as possible.

So, if you are looking to buy multi car insurance in Northern Ireland then it is important to shop around at different companies and compare prices as they very often vary a lot in price, what is offered and what is covered.

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