Multiple Occupancy Contents Insurance

If you're looking for multiple occupancy contents insurance, the tables below are a great tool to use to compare quotes and find the best deal for you. A landlord will not be responsible for your belongings, so it is important to protect them yourself if you are a tenant. However, if you are a landlord and the property comes furnished, then you will need to insure anything that you own. See below to get quotes and compare deals:

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You may wish to consider multiple occupancy contents insurance if you are the owner or an occupier of any of the following:

  • Bedsits
  • Hostels
  • Some bed and breakfast homes
  • Halls of residence or residential staff accommodation
  • A home being converted into flats
  • Lodgings
  • Student house

Many insurers offer multiple occupancy contents insurance, but the premiums may be higher than usual. This is because items within shared properties are at a higher risk from being damaged, stolen or lost. For example, if you have five students in a property together, and they each have their friends round, damage becomes a greater risk in the eyes of the insurer.

However, some companies will offer a discount to a group who purchase contents insurance as a multiple occupancy policy together. One benefit of this is that you could place each person on the same policy which makes things a lot easier.

You may want to consider multiple occupancy contents insurance if you live with a number of people and you want to protect your belongings and theirs from damage, theft and loss.

There are many companies about that offer multiple occupancy contents insurance quotes, so search a wide range of companies to find the best policy for you using our free comaprison services.