NatWest Business Savings Accounts

NatWest offer a number of types of business savings accounts to cover a variety of business needs. See below to compare business savings options from a range of providers to find the best deal for you:


Business Savings Selection
ProviderAccountRate TermApply
1.50%1 YearMore Info >
1.50% gross/AER. £1,000 minimum opening balance. No withdrawals.
1.00%6 MonthsMore Info >
1.00% gross/AER. £1,000 minimum opening balance. No withdrawals.
0.85%Easy AccessMore Info >
0.85% gross/AER. £1,000 minimum opening balance. Unlimited withdrawals.

Some of the NatWest business savings accounts available include:

Instant access accounts
This type of business savings account enables you to either earn interest and bonuses on the profit generated by your business which you keep as surplus, or to earn interest for your business while keeping your cash flow separate from your savings.

Some of the NatWest business savings account deals on offer will allow you to manage your surplus finance through online banking and on the telephone.

Fixed term accounts
NatWest offer three kinds of fixed term accounts or bonds: Treasury Reserve, Corporate Bond and Charity Bonds.

NatWest also offer two types of savings investment accounts for businesses: Corporate and government bonds and Equity assets.

There are two good reasons why a business savings account, from NatWest or another provider, could be a positive move for your company:

  • It will allow you to more effectively manage the cash flow, or the pattern of how much is coming in and going out, and stay cash flow positive.

  • Having a business savings account could allow you to augment any surplus cash your company has accumulated with a good rate of interest.

Two things should be considered when you are using our product comparison tables to look at different business savings account deals:


  • Whether or not you want to be able to access the savings at any time or have an agreed notice period that you must give (usually in return for a higher rate of interest)?
  • Whether or not the interest rates you are being offered are permanent or part of an introductory period?


The comparison tables will allow you to compare features of NatWest business savings account deals with others from different providers.