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ntl Phone

ntl aims to offer a cheap, combined services to its customers, with a focus on expansion and growth to maintain its position as the UK’s largest cable operator. With the current ability to provide broadband, telephone, and digital TV, ntl’s recent acquisition of Virgin Mobile will soon bolster that range to include four major services for UK customers. Business communications packages are also available in various forms.

ntl’s services include:

  • Value packs that offer reduced deals on combined services, such as broadband and telephone.
  • Three different phone packages to suit different types of cover, offering discounts such as free national landline calls (subject to conditions).
  • Broadband speeds of up to 10Mb/s.
  • Digital TV that can include over 160 TV and radio channels.

To compare ntl’s products and services with others available on the market, refer to the free online comparison service below. The service can compare your calling habits and circumstances with the products of all the leading UK telephone providers, showing the companies and the deals that may be most appropriate for you.