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Private Medical Insurance Cover

If you want complete peace of mind when it comes to the health of you and your family, with prompt access to diagnosis and care without being on huge waiting lists, then you may wish to consider taking out private medical insurance cover.

Some advantages of taking out private medical insurance cover include:

  • Not having to wait as long for treatment as you otherwise might
  • Access to private health care facilities at a time that is convenient for you and a hospital of your choice
  • Out-patient and/or in-patient cover, depending on the level of care you purchase
  • Costs covered for surgical procedures, chemotherapy, scans, X-Rays, specialist treatments, consultations, and alternative therapies
  • Travel insurance covered in some policies

The cost increases as the cover becomes more comprehensive, so think carefully about the level of care you wish to buy. Shop around and find the best deal that meets your needs at a competitive rate.

For more information on what medical insurance plans are available click on the links below: