Satellite Broadband

Satellite can bring broadband to your home

Satellite broadband uses a satellite as opposed to cables to connect you to the internet. The downside of this means that satellite broadband can be a bit more expensive, but there are competitive deals available and it means that people who live in the UK's 'not spots' where cable broadband has not yet reached, can still get a broadband connection.

 Compare broadband deals and find the deal for you through the link below:

For a quick comparison of leading UK broadband deals, including pay as you go and mobile broadband, see the table below:

ProviderSpeedDownloadsContractMonthly Cost 
Depends on your phone lineUnlimited9 Monthsfrom £7.50 (plus £15.95 line rental)Apply Now >
Special Offer - Customers can receive a best ever wireless Super Router, with up to 5x faster download speeds and totally unlimited broadband from only £5 extra a month (Limited time offer - £5 for 6 months, £10 a month thereafter)
Up to 16Mb10GB12 MonthsFrom £2.50Apply Now >
Up to 16Mb10GB12 MonthsFrom £10.00 Apply Now >
Broadband, TV and phone packages available. Unlimited free Wi-Fi.
Depends on your phone line10GB12 Monthsfrom £8.15 (plus £12 line rental)Apply Now >
10GB monthly usage and inclusive calls to UK landlines
Depends on your phone lineUnlimited12 Monthsfrom £12.80 (plus £12 line rental)Apply Now >
Unlimited monthly downloads and inclusive calls to UK landlines
Up to 76MbUnlimited9 MonthsFrom £12.50Apply Now >
Up to 76MbUnlimited18 MonthsFrom £15Apply Now >
BT Triple Play Broadband, Phone and TV packages. From £15 per month. Free £25 Sainsburys Gift Card for new customers (Terms & Conditions apply)
Up to 76MbUnlimited18 MonthsFrom £26.00 Apply Now >
Unlimited BT Infinity 2. £20 pm for 3 months. Broadband, TV and phone packages available. Unlimited free Wi-Fi.
Varies by locationUnlimited12 MonthsFrom £10.00Apply Now >
FREE installation and wireless router. TV, Phone & Broadband Bundles available.
Satellite broadband is an ideal solution for those cut-off from other means of connecting to the Internet. While typically more expensive than other forms of broadband, it can also offer improved features such as better reliability and higher upload speeds.

Satellite broadband products are now offered from a range of different companies in the UK. Be sure to shop around to find the best deal for you, with connections offered for both home and business users, click on the link below: