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Skype Phone

Skype is one of the leading developers and sellers of broadband phone technology. Their software is available for free from their website, with both free and paid services available depending on needs:

  • Their free package allows voice calls to be made to anyone else with Skype software installed. No fees or call charges apply.
  • One paid option allows you to make voice calls to standard phone numbers. Calls are charged at a cheap flat rate, with subscriptions available under various terms.
  • Another paid option allows you to receive calls from standard phones, giving you a telephone number which links in to your Skype software.

Their service requires a headset, microphone or other input device. Skype now offer a range of broadband phone-sets from their website, all of which will input with a standard PC. Mac software and hardware is also available.

Skype are also expanding their services, one example being their video conversations capabilities for those with webcams.

Skype was established in 2003. Its software is now available in 27 languages and used in countries around the world.