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Specialist Car Insurance

Find Specialist Car Insurance Quotes…

Many UK car insurance firms offer specialist car insurance. Specialist or non standard car insurance includes:

  • High Performance Car Insurance
  • Classic Car Insurance
  • American Car insurance
  • Imported Car Insurance
  • Modified Car Insurance
  • Car Insurance for people who have previous criminal convictions and driving bans

Use the table below to find the right specialist car insurance policy for you:

Specialist Car Insurance Quotes
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Types of specialist car insurance include:

Students car insurance/young driver car insurance: Many car insurance companies impose higher premiums for young drivers; they statistically have more accidents and are therefore seen as a much higher risk than older, more experienced drivers.

Car Insurance for over 50s: Even if you have been driving for years and have built up a no claims discount, some insurers do not reward this. It may help to buy specialist car insurance, for example over 50s car insurance; this type of cover rewards older motorists for their careful driving.

Womens car insurance: Research shows that women are safer drivers than men and have fewer accidents; this is often reflected in the price. It may be cheaper to buy women's car insurance from a specialist car insurance provider than a standard insurer, and they sometimes offer optional extras such as handbag cover.

Convicted driver car insurance: If you have been convicted for speeding, drink driving, dangerous driving or any other driving-related offences, this could seriously raise the cost of your insurance. It might be worth getting a specialist car insurance quote for convicted drivers rather than using a mainstream provider.

4x4 drivers' car insurance: Your premium is likely to be higher if you drive a larger vehicle designed for off-road, such as a Jeep or Land Rover. However, some specialist insurers will offer a tailored policy depending on factors such as mileage and vehicle value.

Modified car insurance: Some people spend thousands of pounds modifying their vehicle to improve various factors such as performance, appearance and sound. But this can push up car insurance premiums and some insurance providers do not insure modified vehicles at all, while others do so at an elevated price, so you might be better off using a specialist insurer.

Classic car insurance/sports car insurance:  Specialist car insurance could offer reduced rates, although premiums are likely to remain higher than for standard vehicles, so compare quotes to find the best deal for you.

Multi car insurance : A relatively new development in the car insurance industry, multiple car insurance allows you to insure more than one vehicle on the same policy, which could save you money and gives you synchronised renewal dates so you don't have to remember when each one is due.

Short term car insurance: Ideal if you only need very short-term cover, even at short notice, for instance for a specific journey. It provides cover for a temporary driver or a temporary vehicle, and means you do not have to commit to a long-term policy.

It is worth obtaining quotes from a range of different car insurance providers before buying a policy, particularly if you fall into one of the above categories - click on the links to find the deal for you.