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Students car insurance is available from a wide range of car insurance providers, including specialist insurers - you can find a selection of student car insurance deals by clicking on the links in the table below:

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It is probably a fairly safe assumption to make to say that car insurance is not at the top of most students ‘to do’ lists.  But in between the moving and the new sights and sounds it is important to make that car insurance for students has been taken care of.

For students car insurance can be a challenge to pay for, and there are many reasons why this is so. Primary among them is that most students are young and young people will tend to face higher insurance premiums then the rest of the population.
It is important for students to look at a number of car insurance quotes rather then simply settling for the cheapest. This is because the least expensive kind of car insurance, third party insurance offers limited cover and will not help with the costs of repairing a damaged vehicle.

One particular trend that occurs when dealing with car insurance for students is the practice of ‘fronting.’ This is where parents name the student as a second driver despite the fact the student is the primary driver. This practice is illegal and is also surprisingly easy to spot, with insurers known to look at:

  • Whose credit or debit card is regularly used to pay for petrol
  • The geography if any claims made
  • Details such as the cars contents

Other methods of lowering car insurance for students are the same as those employed by any young motorist; don’t buy an expensive car, don’t modify your vehicle, try to get a no claims discount and low mileage discount and complete the Pass Plus course.

On top of these practical measures it is important that the right amount of time is taken to compare and contrast car insurance quotes to find a suitable policy, both in terms of price and cover. As part of this process you may also want to get quotes from a car insurance price comparison site - see below: