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Telewest Phone Services

Telewest, both before and after their merger with ntl, provide a range of broadband, digital TV and phone services to their customers.  These can be purchased either individually or as bundle deals, giving Telewest customers the option of having the majority of their digital service needs from one company. Telewest continue to work to provide the highest levels of reliability and customer service.

Some of Telewest’s different services include:

  • A variety of phone packages, with each tailored to suit different types of customer.
  • Options to tailor each phone package with further discounts, such as cheaper or free international phone calls.
  • Broadband with speeds of up to 10Mb/s.
  • Digital TV with more than 100 channels and features such as Teleport, allowing you to watch a selected group of movies and programs at any time.

Telewest’s various packages and products can be compared with those of all the other leading UK telephone company’s using the free online comparison service below. The service aims to combine your personal calling habits and circumstances with the various deals offered by UK companies, providing a list of those which could offer you the best service for your money.