Temporary Car Insurance for Under 18s

As a young driver, you unfortunately qualify for the high risk category when applying for car insurance. Insurers recognise that you have little experience on the road and that you are the age group with the most accidents. They believe that you will be more likely to make a claim because of this.

Very few insurance companies offer temporary car insurance to under 18s because of this risk. If you are under 18 and looking for temporary car insurance, you should be aware that the affordability of your premiums will also be in question (if you do find a suitable car insurance quote).

Temporary Car Insurance Deals
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Most places will only offer annual car insurance, which can be a pretty expensive purchase for a young person to pay for. Although it seems like a challenge, there may be a few companies that can help you. Sifting through the plethora of insurance companies may seem daunting but it could be your only helpful option.

Alternatively, some under 18s can find temporary car insurance hassle free by going on their parents’ car insurance policy. This could be an option for you if it is only short term.

You may find that insurers are more inclined to offer car insurance to young drivers who:

  • Use a standard car with a small engine compared to a modified or ‘flashy’ car
  • Have fitted security devices/alarms
  • Can keep their cars in a garage or somewhere safe
  • Have taken an extra driving awareness course
  • Some companies offer car insurance rewards for students who obtain good grades at school, so work hard and rake in the benefits!

The best advice for young drivers is to exercise extreme caution while driving, as even one year without making any claims can bring down the cost of insurance substantially and will make insurance companies more likely to offer you affordable car insurance quotes.

Young Driver Car Insurance Quotes
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